Unveiling the Mysteries of AFC Richmond: "Ted Lasso's Fictional Glory"


AFC Richmond

In the realm of fictional football, AFC Richmond takes center stage as the Premier League powerhouse in the acclaimed Apple TV series Ted Lasso. Jason Sudeikis, the titular character, leads the team through the highs and lows of English football, creating a captivating narrative that has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.


The Real Richmond: Unraveling the Inspiration 

AFC Richmond

While AFC Richmond itself may not exist in the Premier League, the series draws inspiration from a real football club named Hampton & Richmond Borough FC. Situated an hour from Crystal Palace, they play in red and blue kits, competing in the National League South. This homage to real-life football traditions echoes the legacy of fictional clubs like Harchester United from the Sky production Dream Team.

The Faces Behind the Fiction: Real-world Inspirations 

AFC Richmond

The actors portraying the AFC Richmond Team bring life to fictional characters, with some drawing inspiration from real-world football legends. The character of Roy Kent, played by Brett Goldstein, mirrors the notorious former Manchester United captain Roy Keane. The ironies and traits embedded in Kent's character align seamlessly with the essence of Keane's football legacy.

Notable real-life footballers make cameo appearances, including Thierry Henry, Gary Lineker, Chris Kamara, Peter Crouch, Chris Powell, Eni Aluko, and even referee Mike Dean in the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City.

The Illusion of Reality: Filming Locations

Selhurst Park - home of Crystal Palace

AFC Richmond's home ground, Nelson Road Stadium, is an illusion created on screen. In reality, it is the iconic Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace. Fans of Ted Lasso can embark on a pilgrimage to 'Nelson Road Stadium' by visiting Selhurst Park, a venue with a capacity of over 25,000, standing since 1924.

Traveling to Selhurst Park is convenient, with nearby railway stations such as Selhurst, Thornton Heath, and Norwood Junction just a 15-minute walk away. Alternatively, buses, taxis, bikes, or even a leisurely walk can lead you to this football haven at Selhurst Park, London, SE25.

Behind the Scenes: Ted Lasso Filming Secrets

AFC Richmond clashes with Everton

Richmond Green in London serves as a hub for Ted Lasso filming, with Selhurst Park, Wembley, and Craven Cottage among the stadiums featured. SkyEx Community Stadium, home to Hayes & Yeading, becomes the AFC Richmond training ground and office scenes. Pub scenes at The Crown and Anchor are shot at The Prince's Head in Richmond Green, and various streets in Twickenham add authenticity to the series.

Craven Cottage, Fulham's home ground, steps in as a substitute for Goodison Park when AFC Richmond clashes with Everton. Some match scenes undergo digital enhancement, ensuring an immersive experience for viewers.


Conclusion: Exploring AFC Richmond's Fictional Realms

AFC Richmond

As we dive into the captivating world of AFC Richmond, inspired by real football traditions and brought to life on screen, Ted Lasso transcends the boundaries of fiction and reality. Whether you're a football fanatic or a Ted Lasso enthusiast, the journey through Richmond's fictional realms is an experience worth savoring.

Explore the magic of Ted Lasso, where the lines between fiction and reality blur, and AFC Richmond stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of football in both realms.

*Experience the Ted Lasso Phenomenon - Where Fiction Meets Football!*


- Is AFC Richmond a real team in the Premier League?

No, AFC Richmond is a fictional team, but it draws inspiration from the real football club Hampton & Richmond Borough FC.

- Are the footballers in Ted Lasso real?

The footballers in AFC Richmond are portrayed by actors, but some characters are inspired by real-world football legends like Roy Keane.

- Where is Nelson Road Stadium, and can I visit it?

Nelson Road Stadium is fictional, portrayed by Selhurst Park.

Fans can visit Selhurst Park in London, SE25, to get a feel for the venue.

Embark on the journey of AFC Richmond, where football fiction meets the magic of Ted Lasso!

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