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About Us - Goatkits Store

Welcome to Goatkits Store, your premier destination for football kits and apparel that showcases your passion for the beautiful game. We're dedicated to providing you with an extensive collection of football jerseys, kits, and shirts from top clubs and national teams. Unlike other sites, we're all about offering you a wide selection without harping on about best quality and best price on the market, Here's why you should shop with us:

Our Story

Our journey began in the summer of 2006, a time when we should have been studying for our final exams. But the allure of the World Cup and our hunt for an original 1990 West Germany shirt led us on a different path. Growing up, we were both avid collectors of football kits, but the search for classics proved challenging. This sparked the idea for Goatkits Store.

Our mission was clear - create a hub for fans to find rare and unique football shirts while delving into the history of their favorite teams and players. Ignoring conventional advice to pursue 'real jobs,' we started amassing a vast collection of football shirts, cramming a student house with racks of history. In August 2006, Goatkits Store was officially launched.

Our Journey

Initially, we faced the challenge of building our presence in a pre-social media world. We scraped together enough funds to place advertisements in a few popular football magazines. Fortunately, this effort paid off, and we began to connect with loyal and enthusiastic customers who shared our passion. Our days were consumed by relentless sourcing of new stock, with an ambitious goal of having at least one item for every recognized team, no matter how obscure.

By the end of 2007, our student house resembled a warehouse, with racks of football shirts in every room. What started as a handful of daily orders grew into a full mail sack on the way to the post office. We were fortunate to acquire some incredible shirts in the early days, including the legendary Johan Cruyff Washington Dips and Joe Royle Man City League Cup Final jerseys. It's remarkable to think that we haven't come across another Cruyff shirt since!

Why Choose Goatkits Store?

At Goatkits Store, we're not just a place to buy football kits; we're a community driven by passion. Here's why you should choose us:

1. Wide Selection: We offer an extensive range of football gear, including jerseys, kits, and shirts from major clubs and national teams. Whatever your favorite team, you'll find something here.

2. Fan Service: Our Fan Advocates are committed to your satisfaction. We're dedicated to providing the shopping experience we would want for ourselves.

3. Shop with Confidence: Your privacy is paramount to us. We use cutting-edge encryption technology to protect your personal information, ensuring a secure shopping experience.

Join us at Goatkits Store and explore a world of football passion, history, and unique merchandise. We're here to celebrate your love for the game.